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Stand Up and Be Counted

Every day the U.S. Congress is bombarded with requests to support or oppose legislation. Individuals, organizations and entire industries all are fighting for or against laws that impact their business or personal lives. In this environment, the interests of the pest management industry can easily get overlooked.

We cannot afford to let this happen. Access to key congressional leaders is critical to shaping the pest management industry's legislative agenda now and in the years to come. We must ensure that lawmakers know us, hear us, and respond to us. That takes a strong association and direct member involvement on Capitol Hill.

A generous donation to Pest PAC, the National Pest Management Association’s Political Action Committee, helps keep the industry at the forefront of congressional thinking.

Make a Donation!

Winning with Pest PAC

Pest PAC provides you with a simple, yet powerful tool to make your voice heard above the clamor on Capitol Hill. By contributing to Pest PAC and combining your political donation with those of many other dedicated NPMA members, you help:

  • Elect congressional candidates who are sympathetic to the issues that NPMA members care about.
  • Position the pest management industry as a serious player on Capitol Hill.
  • Open doors to congressional offices so NPMA's experienced government affairs staff can convince legislators to support a pro-pest management position.
  • Support other grassroots efforts such as district meetings, letter-writing campaigns, and direct constituent lobbying.

How Will My Contribution to Pest PAC Be Used?

Every penny of every contribution to Pest PAC is used to support the election of U.S. Senators and Representatives who share our industry's goals. Lawmakers supported by Pest PAC are encourage to work with NPMA's government affairs department in pursuing a pro-pest management legislative agenda.

Who Receives Pest PAC Contributions?

Pest PAC Contributions are made to strategically important congressional candidates: incumbents and challengers, Democrats and Republicans. Our single, overriding consideration is the strength of a candidate's commitment to the pest management industry.

Who Can Contribute to Pest PAC?

In order to contribute to Pest PAC, the following conditions must be met:
  1. Only individual U.S. citizens may contribute to Pest PAC.  Contributions from corporations or foreign nationals cannot be accepted, and if received, will be returned.
  2. Contributors must be employed by a member of NPMA, in either an executive or administrative capacity (this is the so-called "Restricted Class").
  3. In order to solicit contributions from individuals who meet the above criteria, Pest PAC must receive in writing the member company’s position.


How Do I Join Pest PAC?

  • Review the conditions above and make sure numbers 1 and 2 apply to you.
  • Click here to complete a Pest PAC Consent/Pledge Form and make a voluntary personal donation, or click here to print the Pest PAC Consent/Pledge Form and mail or fax to NPMA.

As a contributor you will be recognized for your support and kept up-to-date on Pest PAC activities. But, most importantly, you will become an integral part of NPMA's government affairs program, a key component in our effort to strengthen the pest management industry.
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